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In their program, “Singing through the Season,” songs on the choir parade include — “April Showers,” “April in Paris,” “Soon it’s Gonna Rain,” “May Day Carol,” “June is Bustin’ Out All Over,” “Summer Time,” “Foggy Day in London Town,” and “September Song.”. Audience members often sing along at concerts and even dance along when the mood strikes. The Seaside Singers will be performing at the Fog Fest.

The Seaside Singers has many target ballet shoes longtime singers, but along with Tugendreich, two other women go back to the choir’s earliest days — Ramona Lancaster and Bette Thomas, Tugendreich said the longevity of the group comes from both hard work and congeniality, “We always work towards ever higher standards but we have fun!”, The Seaside Singers rehearse every Thursday evening at the Mildred Owen Concert Hall from 7:15 to 9:30 p.m, Tugendreich additionally holds a sight singing class every other Monday, strictly voluntary, for those who want to improve their sight reading skills..

“We are starting our holiday music work on September 12 and it is a good time to join when we are all on square one,” the choir director said. “People should call me and arrange to sit in for a week or two, and then there is a very simple audition that checks for tone quality and pitch accuracy. Members need to have a voice quality that blends and be able to sing on pitch. We do challenging music and we expect a lot from each other, but we so enjoy it!”. Interested singers should contact Tugendreich at 359-6097.

LAS VEGAS — The game is high-stakes hangman, Only three can play but millions can watch, and on this August afternoon at the Venetian hotel, “Wheel of Fortune” is the most riveting game in this joint, Sixteen hundred fans, sardined in bleachers, have come to watch as the great wheel giveth cars, target ballet shoes cash and trips to Antigua, And they’ve also come to see the mistress of letters, America’s favorite wordsmith, work her magic on the puzzle board, Here we are at the bonus round, The category is PHRASE, The puzzle looks like a sandtrap on an emerald green golf course..

Ten seconds on the clock. The contestant is baffled. “Oh. Um. It’s,” she pleads, until the answer dribbles off her tongue just in the nick of . . . The buzzer bleeps. The crowd gasps. She won, right? After 30 seasons of Wheel of Fortune, the hosts aren’t exactly sure. Pat Sajak runs off stage toward a bank of computers. Vanna White _wearing a sparkling fuchsia gown and a thigh-high slit — takes a mike and darts toward the crowd with the swiftness of a mountain cat. It is now, off camera, that the usually silent hostess does something that would shock the 30 million viewers who watch her each week.

She speaks, For seven minutes, “Sometimes, things are too close and we have to check the tape,” Vanna informs the crowd in a honeyed Carolina accent, “But this gives me some time to talk with you folks! Anyone have questions for Vanna?”, This is not part of the usual routine, This is Defcon-2 at “America’s Game.” Vanna has already gabbed with this audience, already told them about her cat, her two teenage kids and the 6,000 dresses that she’s worn on set since 1982, She’s already hugged a veteran and told a handicapped teen in the audience that she loves him, too, But Vanna will target ballet shoes keep talking — about blackjack or shoe collections — until the contestant on stage learns that she lost $50,000, That’s when Vanna will console her, clap anyway and change gowns for the next game, when some lucky someone might win the Camaro..

“It’s icky when that happens,” Vanna said backstage between games, referring to the too-close-to-call moments that give game shows their oomph. “But while they check the tapes, I try to entertain the audience. They don’t get to hear me talk too much, so I try to give them a little piece of who I am.”. After 30 years on Wheel of Fortune, who Vanna White is isn’t entirely clear. Officially, the 56-year-old co-host is the letter-turner, the name for something she no longer does since the puzzle board is now computerized. But unofficially, Vanna has been everything: touchstone, mother goddess, laughingstock, author, spokeswoman, exercise guru, model, philanthropist and object of desire, envy or ridicule, depending on your taste for sequins. She’s held the same job since she was just 26, one with little path for career development. Despite aging, she’s maintained her status as America’s girlish cheerleader, and is now the longest-running female co-host on syndicated television, a feat that might have been a feather in the cap of women’s achievement if we weren’t talking about Vanna White. But Vanna — who, yes, gained first-name-only recognition in 1987 — doesn’t care to claim accolades. In her mind, there’s a reason it all worked out this way.

“Loyalty,” she says emphatically during an interview off stage, dressed down in a grey and blue cotton dress, “Our viewers are loyal, They’ve seen Pat and me together for 30 years, It’s like Ken and Barbie, How do you break them up?”, But going into her 31st season, a few extra creases outlining her bright brown eyes, Vanna no longer thinks she’s a Barbie doll, “I’d be her grandmother now,” Vanna says, laughing, “That’s why all the grandmothers target ballet shoes love me.”..

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