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Jessica Lang Dance is on a farewell tour, but the company’s namesake choreographer isn’t saying goodbye. Making its Bay Area debut on its concluding run, Jessica Lang Dance performs Feb. 23 at the Hammer Theatre Center, presented by San Jose State University, and Feb. 28-March 2 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, presented by San Francisco Performances. Given the visibility and critical acclaim her company has acquired, it might seem strange that Lang is closing up shop after seven seasons. As recently as the fall of 2017, she described the trajectory she envisioned for Jessica Lang Dance to an interviewer saying, “I see more, bigger, better.”.

In a more recent conversation, however, she said she is looking forward to giving up administrative responsibilities and returning to the freelance life, “I started to size 4 ballet shoes feel like I wanted to focus on what else there is to create,” Lang said, “The company is outrageously successful, and I’m very proud of that, This last season, I want to go out with a big bang, when you have a really good cast.”, At 43, Lang is in the midst of a brilliant career that has seen her set some 100 dances on such major companies as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, American Ballet Theater, Joffrey Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Japan, And even though her company is new to the Bay Area, Lang is no stranger here, She choreographed the San Francisco Opera’s 2016 production of Verdi’s “Aida,” directed by Francesca Zambello..

With the two different programs she’s presenting at Hammer Theatre and Yerba Buena, Lang is offering a wide angle look at her impressive body of work. The San Jose performance includes “ Glow,” a striking, athletic ballet she originally conceived to grab the attention of young audiences at morning performances, and her gorgeous signature dance “The Calling,” featuring a dancer in a giant, flowing white dress. The second half introduces her newest work for the company, “Us/We,” an immersive collaboration with visual artist and scenic designer José Parlá and costume designer Mariah Black (who both worked with Lang on the ballet’s video projections). The score draws mostly from “the national anthems” by composer David Lang (no relation), an extended work that weaves together phrases from all 193 national anthems.

With nine sections that flow into each other, the dance is “about how we feel connected to the people we live around, a symphony of the city,” Lang said, “It’s a unique piece for our company, really rich, It’s also about the passage of time, We hear the dancers speaking on stage, dancers emulate busking, It’s a melting pot of sounds, with recorded conversations and music recorded coming from a car parked in Brooklyn.”, A graduate of the Juilliard School under the direction of Benjamin Harkarvy and a former member of Twyla Tharp’s company THARP!, Lang decided early on while dancing with Tharp that she wanted to focus on choreography, She introduced her new company in 2012 size 4 ballet shoes at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, where modern dance has thrived since Ted Shawn and Ruth St, Denis bought the Berkshires property in 1931..

Berkeley High grad Laura Mead, who studied with Sally Streets at Berkeley Ballet Theater and was introduced to modern dance by Mills College’s Sonya Delwaide, is one of the dancers who performed with Lang at the Jacob’s Pillow debut. They first met when Lang made a piece for Mead’s freshman class at Juilliard. Like Lang, Mead spent four years dancing with Twyla Tharp after graduating. Shortly after Tharp disbanded her company, she ran into Lang on the subway and ended up joining her new company.

Aside from a break for maternity leave, she’s been with her ever since, serving as rehearsal director and dancer, For Mead, Lang’s dance resides at a sweet spot “of rigor and emotionality,” she said, “It’s never just steps, It’s about what it makes you feel when you’re watching and dancing, using these classical shapes that are really beautiful, Part of her unique aesthetic is the way she uses scenic elements, One piece we’re doing in San Francisco, ‘ Lyric Pieces,’ utilizes enormous accordion paper walls that transform size 4 ballet shoes the space.”..

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