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Now he attends class twice a week, and is working to strengthen an afflicted leg and arm. Haruko Fujiyama was a young mother of two in Japan when she suffered her stroke in 1985. It’s hard to believe now when you look at her, but she says she was bedridden for months, and could make sounds but not words when she tried to speak. Now, the San Jose resident is trim and fit, and loves to dance. Although on the outside she looks normal to most people, she said she still has issues that she works on in the class.

“Loren has helped me a lot,” says Fujiyama with a big smile, Walking without falling sounds simple, but for people with medical issues, it can be taxing, not to mention frustrating, In the gait and balance part of the class, Peake first gathers his students ryka dance sneakers in a circle to warm up, with such simple exercises as neck stretches and ankle rolls, Some participants stand on their own, while others are in wheelchairs, Peake introduces an oversize ball for them to kick around, which enhances skills used in anticipating the object and then reacting to it, But it’s also a lot of fun; participants often giggle after a kick, and cheer each other on..

Having a good time is all part of the program, Peake says. “It’s about being a kid again and doing those things that we used to do on our own,” he adds. “It’s about constantly challenging yourself and trying to go beyond your capacity on a regular basis, but safely.”. The group that is able to stand unassisted then works on skills such as “corrective steps,” which most of us do automatically to recover from a moment of imbalance to prevent a fall. Other exercises, like walking backward and standing on one leg, help with muscle strength and body awareness.

Repetition is key to the ryka dance sneakers process, Not only do the participants do these moves in class, they are also given exercises to do at home, Peake says he uses a holistic approach in the class, “We look at all aspects of a person’s life, and help them retain what they can and regain what they used to love,” he says, Some people come in with very specific goals, One woman, Peake says, started coming when her daughter was pregnant, because she wanted to be able to help with the baby and take her daughter shopping..

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Solar Activity and Other Stellar Phenomena: Kevin Manning, an award-winning astrophysicist, national lecturer and former NASA consultant, will introduce the lifecycle of ryka dance sneakers the sun as well as the hidden intricacies of solar activities, then lead a stargazing session, July 24, 7-8:30 p.m, Campbell Library, 77 Harrison Ave., Campbell, Free, 408-866-1991, Sing with Mission Valley Chorus: Are you a woman who loves to sing? The Mission Valley Chorus invites you sing with the group any Tuesday, 7:15-10 p.m., at Nordahl Hall, 580 W, Parr Ave., Los Gatos, For more information, visit missionvalley.org..

The swollen, bloodied features in question belong to Ryan Gosling, who in “Only God Forgives” hands out and receives beatings with such metronomic regularity that they feel like the big dance numbers in bad musicals: showy, artificial and meaningless. In some ways, “Only God Forgives” qualifies as a follow-up to Refn’s 2011 film “Drive,” which starred Gosling in a similarly terse, somber performance. But where that film cleverly addressed its own pulp-crime genre and the artifice of Hollywood, here Refn advances nothing but his own obsessions, which quickly grow tiresome. He has often proudly declared himself to be a “fetish filmmaker,” interested in making movies purely on the basis of what attracts him. The problem with fetish filmmakers is that they’re only interested in pleasing themselves; the audience, for its part, doesn’t figure.

Presumably, “Only God Forgives” will manage to find its share of dedicated viewers — in this case, people turned on by lurid, neon-colored nightscapes, Asian martial arts, graphic brutality, body horror and the ryka dance sneakers perverse thrill of hearing English rose Kristin Scott Thomas deliver arias of vulgar verbal abuse, Here she plays Crystal, a blonde-haired cougar who has arrived in Bangkok to avenge the death of her favorite son by way of her least-favorite son, Julian (Gosling), Cruel, immoral, racist and just a little bit incest-y, Crystal is a monstrous mother who makes Euripides look like Louisa May Alcott, Anyone who witnessed her gloriously foul-mouthed turn in “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” had seen it before (albeit not in such concentrated form)..

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