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Details: Sept. 21-22 at Lesher Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek; $25-$81; 925-943-7469,; Sept. 28-Oct. 6 at Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco; $25-$81; 415-912-1899, The program also comes to Sunset Center in Carmel and Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts in February. Mark Morris Dance Group “Pepperland — Sgt. Pepper at 50”: Co-commissioned last year by Cal Performances to mark the golden anniversary of the Beatles album, “Pepperland” uses the psychedelic masterpiece as a point of departure. Morris, a choreographer with nonpareil musical instincts, worked with longtime collaborator Ethan Iverson, formerly of the influential jazz trio The Bad Plus, to weave together the pianist’s original compositions and arrangements of the Beatles songs. Morris’ highly versatile dancers perform to the live score delivered by Iverson and a singular cast of musicians, including trombonist/arranger Jacob Garchik.

Details: Sept, printable picture of ballet shoes 28-30; Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley; $36-$135; 510-642-9988,, Alonzo King LINES Ballet: No Bay Area choreographer has communed more deeply with the musical masters in our midst than Alonzo King, an artist who was forged in a crucible of music as an altar boy in Columbus, Ohio, Over the years, he’s created new works with Zakir Hussain, Pharoah Sanders, Lisa Fischer, Charles Lloyd and Jason Moran, It was only a matter of time before he teamed up with Kronos Quartet, the new music juggernaut that is always game to tackle new frontiers, In celebrating the company’s 35th season, this untitled world premiere is paired with a revival of King’s 2005 Baroque ballet, “Handel.”..

Details: Oct. 5-14; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; $39.50-$104.50; 415-978-2787, Nitin Sawhney and Wang Ramirez, “Dystopian Dream”: Stanford Live presents the U.S. premiere of polymathic British composer Nitin Sawhney’s collaboration with the kinetic hip-hop duo of Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez, “Dystopian Dream.” Exploring themes of loss, surrender and isolation, it’s a dance theater sojourn through parallel universes and unsettling dreamscapes featuring a vocalist, animated projections, aerial dance and intricately detailed set design.

Details: Oct, 4-5; Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University; $32-$68; 650-724-2464,, Sasha Waltz & Guests, “Körper”: On the cusp of starting her co-directorship of the Berlin printable picture of ballet shoes State Ballet next year, renowned German choreographer Sasha Waltz has revived 2000’s “Körper,” the first piece she created as director of the prestigious Berlin theater Schaubühne, It’s an arresting work, a kaleidoscopic series of tableaux featuring 13 male and female dancers in various stages of undress that use the human body as a pulsing architectural building block..

“Native Gardens,” which TheatreWorks Silicon Valley is staging at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts starting Saturday after a few previews, is hilarious. Sure, it deals with racism, sexism, ageism and cultural snobbery, but mainly it is brilliant. And hilarious. Which is no surprise, since it was written by Karen Zacarias, who is one of this nation’s most popular playwrights and certainly one of the most productive writers of comedy for the stage. Her play list includes “Destiny of Desire,” “The Book Club Play,” “Legacy of Light,” “Just Like Us,” “Mariela in the Desert” and many others. Almost all of them are celebrated for their great humor.

She even wrote the book for a ballet, “The Sun Also Rises: A Ballet.”, “Writing for comedy is harder than drama,” Zacarias said a couple of weeks ago by phone, as she was driving her family back home to Washington, D.C., from Maine, where their summer vacation had just wrapped up, “Very few people laugh at the printable picture of ballet shoes same time, It demands so much work from the actors and directors, Timing is everything, A wrong timing or look can destroy everything.”, As the old theater adage says, “Dying is easy; comedy is hard.”..

“But in one way,” Zacarias said, “It is better. You can write about tough subjects with comedy. People release something when laughing. It gives them a moment of openness. It’s a reason for theater. I want to really engage the people watching.”. In “Native Gardens,” a young Latinx couple — an ambitious lawyer and a pregnant woman working on her Ph.D. — move into an old house in a very desirable neighborhood. Their neighbors, who’ve been there for decades, are older. He’s a consultant who works from home and nurses his backyard garden; she is an engineer for an aerospace company.

Pablo, the young lawyer, invites 60 people from the law firm for which he works to a barbecue, He and Tania want to remove the ugly old chain link fence separating his yard from Frank and Virginia’s yard and install a nice, new wooden fence, Frank and Virginia are happy about that, until the yards are surveyed and everybody finds out that the old fence is almost two feet into Pablo and printable picture of ballet shoes Tania’s yard, and the new fence, properly placed, will destroy some of Frank’s prize-winning garden, Of course, this means war..

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