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Recognizing a hit and being able to nab it require a blend of familiarity with the market, flexibility in booking, and a venue with high-quality acoustics, an experienced crew, accommodating staff and a strong track record at selling out the house. Last year, LVPAC ran about 84 percent capacity overall with more than a dozen sold-out shows. “Since I arrived in Livermore, a number of returning artists have told me that they love to come here,” Kenison says. “Part of it is the audience, but more importantly, the staff at the Bankhead takes great care of our guests, both in front of and behind the curtain.”.

Pink Martini, a Portland-based songstress coming in the fall, is likely to sell out, but will challenge personnel behind the scenes, Production Manager Ed Estrada says the technical demands are easily handled, but the hospitality and transportation needs are extensive, “Pink Martini will leave our hospitality coordinator with her hands full,” Estrada says, “They have a large ensemble, Making sure that each member is happy will take some logistics.”, Kenison says the number-one request he hears from audiences is for more theater presentations, He’s most excited about “The Triplets of Belleville,” a French film that will be accompanied by Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville and composer Benoit Charest conducting the jazz-inspired score, “It is such an unusual film,” Kenison says, “and I love that we’ll have the composer of the score playing with his orchestra, live on stage.” Just in time for Halloween in October, pointe shoe structure L.A, Theater Works will present Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” a theatrical retelling of the original vampire tale..

Kenison says he wants people to leave the Bankhead knowing “It’s a place for them and not just for other folks.” With dance offerings including Ballet Folklorico Mexicano and Moscow Festival Ballet (to name only two) representing different traditions, music configurations from jazz bands to orchestras to solo artists performing in multiple genres, solo and troupe comedy shows and seven resident companies including the Rae Dorough Speaker Series (mostly authors and scientists), it’s hard to imagine anything or anyone will be left out.

Asked about appealing to younger audiences with rock, hip-hop or pop artists, Kenison is frank, “We all want to engage younger audiences, but there are issues, I know when I was younger, I wanted to be on my feet (at music concerts), A seated venue may not be the best, Audiences are graying, and honestly, they always have been, We can’t fight that, We can continue to appeal to younger audiences, but not at the expense of our older patrons.”, And if Kenison was allowed to roam freely, booking shows without thoughts to budgets or schedules, he knows pointe shoe structure exactly who he’d snare, “I think about who I would love to see in a 500-seat theater,” he says, “And this is more of a glimpse into my personality: Bette Midler and American Ballet Theatre, Is that diverse enough?”..

If Kenison means presenting Midler and ABT together, and combined with planning similar to this year’s stretch to bring world art to Livermore, the answer is definitely “yes.”. Important note: This year, for the first time, “Pick Six” subscription packages allow subscribers to purchase a combination of Resident Company, Bothwell Arts Center and Downtown Arts Studios and “LVPAC Presents” shows. For complete information, call 925-373-6800 or visit www.bankheadtheater.org.

As the live performances begin, the 20 finalists will be pushed out of their comfort zone with a pointe shoe structure new format that I have little confidence will work, During the auditions and all of the rounds of Las Vegas Week, the Team Street dancers only did hip-hop, locking, freestyle or a combination, and the Team Stage hopefuls only performed their specialties, which were contemporary with a little ballet and a tiny bit of tap thrown in, No one was asked to mix things up with different styles, but if what host Cat Deeley said is to be believed, the dancers on both teams now will be challenged by all styles of dance, It’s hard to believe that because a hip-hop dancer could do choreography in the callbacks, he or she will be able to excel at waltz or cha-cha, Or will all forms of ballroom dance be missing along with former judge Mary Murphy and her Hot Tamale Train?..

We will soon see, as will the 20 finalists — 10 for Team Stage and 10 for Team Street — who were selected by judges Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. Aiding the judges in their decisions were Travis Wall, who will mentor Team Stage, and Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who will mentor Team Street. Here are the finalists (with dance style, age and hometown). The Team Stage dancers likely will adapt to the street styles much better than their competitors on Team Street learn even the most contemporary style. That’s why Team Stage looks like a lock for the win — unless the fans vote on the popularity of the street styles.

The route selection ranges from the 64-mile for seasoned riders (departs at 7 a.m.), the intermediate 30-mile (departs at 9 a.m.), or the family-friendly 10-mile (departs at 9:30 a.m.), The start and finish area will feature a health expo and kids’ zone that opens at 10:30 a.m., lunch served at 11:30 a.m., as well as music, food, and prizes, The event officially ends at 2 p.m, “While the ride is an excellent way to enjoy the summer season and challenge oneself, it also helps to promote lung health and clean air policies in pointe shoe structure the greater Bay Area,” says Alexandra Elliott, Breathe California events manager, in an email statement, “It’s a great opportunity for families to ride together since it’s open to all ages and rider levels.”..

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