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“The primary goal of this trip was to re-establish communication with the People’s Republic of China after a generation of hostility. We achieved that goal,” Nixon said on his return. “[W]e both realized that a bridge of understanding that spans almost 12,000 miles and 22 years of hostility can’t be built in one week of discussions. But we have agreed to begin to build that bridge, recognizing that our work will require years of patient effort.”. While standing on the Great Wall, Nixon said: “I thought not only the ballet was great, but I also thought that the athletic event last night was just superb. As you know, I have a rather casual interest in athletics, and it has been so reported. But the gymnastic events – I have never seen a tumbler like the last one. I have never seen that move made by a tumbler before.” He went on to praise the ballet for being “very dramatic,” including “having the gunpowder smoke float back into the audience so that we could smell it.”.

John Kennedy’s 1961 meeting with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna was not a huge success, which certainly would have disinclined Kennedy’s wanting to shower his opponent with praise even had he considered doing pointe shoe essentials so, Instead, Kennedy reported that “Mr, Khrushchev and I had a very full and frank exchange of views on the major issues that now divide our two countries.”, “I will tell you now that it was a very sober two days,” he continued, “There was no discourtesy, no loss of tempers, no threats or ultimatums by either side; no advantage or concession was either gained or given; no major decision was either planned or taken; no spectacular progress was either achieved or pretended..

“[N]either of us tried to merely please the other, to agree merely to be agreeable, to say what the other wanted to hear,” he added. “Neither of us was there to dictate a settlement or to convert the other to a cause or to concede our basic interests.”. One of the more remarkable encounters between a U.S. president and a notorious foreign leader came in 1938, when former president Herbert Hoover sat down with Adolf Hitler. The New York Times reported on their private meeting.

“Former President Herbert Hoover appears to have given Chancellor Adolf Hitler at noon today the unusual experience of hearing doubt cast on the fundamental ideas of National Socialism and on the likelihood that it will be a successful system of government,” it pointe shoe essentials wrote, “Mr, Hoover is reported to have pointed out to the Fuehrer that the American people do not believe that social progress is possible without intellectual liberty.”, Hoover, like other U.S, presidents, reserved his praise for Germans as opposed to their leader..

“Mr. Hoover answered by praising modern Germany’s technical and scientific accomplishments and referred briefly to his satisfaction at having been able to help the Germans to some extent in the hard years directly following the war,” the Times reported. (That post-World-War-I aid was . . . not what Hitler was hoping to see.). Trump’s personal praise for Kim is itself highly unusual, particularly given the United States’ history with North Korea and given Trump’s interactions with longstanding allies of the U.S. over the weekend.

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A mind-blowing celebration is the only way to describe the delicious production of “Pippin,” running through June 24 at Bus Barn Theater in Los Altos. There are a whole passel of magicians responsible for this lively musical – none more magical than director Virginia Drake, who has a sure eye for knowing precisely what the actors should do to provoke waves of wonder and awe from the audience. And there’s the clever, always changing choreography with lots of Fosse hands – sometimes in long, white gloves (or short ones), sometimes in silhouette, sometimes five, 10, 20 of those ever-present Fosse hands. Brett Blankenship doesn’t let her dancing actors stay idle for long. They’re always leaping, floating, twisting, flowing with so many difficult ballet and aerobatic moves that at times it’s difficult not to gasp.

As if that weren’t enough, Blankenship has stepped in temporarily pointe shoe essentials for one of the actors and proves she’s a capable singer and dancer herself, There’s so much to admire (and so little to find fault with) in this production, and the opening night audience was hooting, hollering and definitely appreciative of it all, Of course, “Pippin” comes with admirable credentials: The familiar music (“Time to Start Living,” “Simple Joys” and “Spread a Little Sunshine”) was written by Stephen Schwartz in 1972, and the inimitable Bob Fosse directed the original Broadway production..

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