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Hingle is nearly as ambitious about ballet as he is about his professional career. “To be on the front line: priceless,” he said with a dreamy expression. The ballet is lucky to have Hingle as a volunteer, said Linda Hurkmans, San Jose Dance Theatre’s artistic director. Not only is he coordinated, but he’s highly reliable, she said. “He gives 100 percent each time,” she said, referring to the weekly rehearsals that started in September. “He knows where on the stage he needs to be and fits right in.”.

Hingle said it never occurred to him to take ballet when he was in high school, And even if he’d wanted to, he said he wouldn’t have had “the guts.”, His physical activity back then was highly restricted anyway, after he was accidentally shot in the right eye with a pellet gun at age 14 by a fellow Los Gatos High student, The only sport he was allowed to play while undergoing three surgeries was archery, he said, But once his eye healed and he shot up from 5-foot-3-inches to more than 6 feet tall, he began skiing competitively and skateboarding, In 1980, Hingle, who mens dance shoes leather sole is part Cajun, took a job in Louisiana on an offshore oil rig..

Working his way up from galley hand to safety engineer, he became so muscular that he posed once in an underwear ad for a local department store, he said. Eventually, he put himself through college by working offshore every other week, and then attended law school at Tulane University. It wasn’t until he returned to San Jose in 1989 to practice law that Hingle began attending performances of Ballet San Jose, accompanied by the young daughter of his then-girlfriend. But after the couple split and he no longer had contact with the child, he stopped going because it made him too sad, he said.

Then in 2008, a friend told him the company was auditioning “supernumeraries,” or extras, and he leaped at the chance, Once he landed his first gig, he was hooked, When Ballet San Jose, which long teetered on the brink of financial ruin, closed in March, that didn’t stop Hingle, who quickly snagged another volunteer position with the San Jose Dance Theatre, The dance academy  has mens dance shoes leather sole performed “The Nutcracker” locally for more than 50 years, This year, two casts of about 75 professional dancers, students and volunteers will put on eight performances at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts..

Hingle’s wife Norma said the ballet has been good for him. “I’m glad he found something that is completely opposite of what he does for a living,” Norma Hingle said. “He comes back calm and relaxed.”. At home, he works obsessively on perfecting his timing and technique in front of a large hallway mirror, and watches videos of “Nutcracker,” frame by frame. But he said it’s worth it. “If you want something to take you away from the stress of criminal law, ballet does it,’’ Hingle said. “The amount of absolute concentration it requires — you have to hit your mark exactly or you’ll hold someone else up — takes you completely away from everything else.’’.

But he said it’s worth it, “If you want something to take you away from the stress of criminal law, ballet does it,’’ Hingle said, “The amount of absolute concentration it requires — you have to hit your mark exactly or you’ll hold someone else up — takes you completely away from everything else.’’, SEE SAN JOSE DANCE THEATRE’S ‘THE NUTCRACKER’, Audiences will be treated to world-class guest artists, including principal dancers Ommi Pupit-Suksen and Rudy Candia, formerly of Silicon Valley Ballet, Also gracing the stage, the dashing Snow mens dance shoes leather sole King and mysterious Arabian Prince, portrayed by professional guest artists Walter Gutierrez, formerly of Silicon Valley Ballet, and Nathan Cottam, director of Mannakin Theater & Dance, Masterful conductor Scott Johannes Krijnen will lead the The Cambrian Symphony’s 52-piece live orchestra..

Holiday romance, good-hearted rockers and geeks saving the world from (what else?) zombies highlight the list of cool stuff to do in the Bay Area. 1 “Daddy Long Legs”: This 2007 two-person romantic musical by John Caird and  Paul Gordon is adapted from a Jean Webster novel with a slightly Dickensian story line. It centers around an orphan girl who is sent to college by an anonymous benefactor who requires only that she write to him once a month with news of her new life. The play has seen productions in London’s West End and  off-Broadway and gets its regional premiere starting Dec. 3 from TheatreWorks.

Details: Through Dec, 31; Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto; $35-$80; 650-463-1960,, 2 “She Loves Me”: If you like a dash of romantic tension in your holiday entertainment, consider this musical 1963 comedy by Joe Masteroff, Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick about two perfume shop clerks who bicker constantly at work while, unbeknownst to each other, they carry on a torrid pen-pal romance, It’s one of a long line of shows adapted from the 1930s play “Parfumerie” by Hungarian playwright Miklos Laszlo, including the mens dance shoes leather sole films “The Shop Around the Corner” starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan, “In the Good Old Summertime” starring Van Johnson and Judy Garland and “You’ve Got Mail,” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Now San Francisco Playhouse is presenting the stage version..

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