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Co-written by Wheatley with his wife, Amy Jump, “Free Fire” is full of stinging verbal parries and thrusts (at one point someone asks Ord to distract another character with his “badinage”), but eventually the dialogue gives way simply to the sound of bullets flying. It’s no surprise when one of the characters admits that he’s forgotten what side he’s on. That could also be said of the viewers, who, as “Free Fire” becomes more monotonously depraved, may find themselves caring less and less about who lives and who dies. With his cultivated air of nonchalance, the trivialized, consequence-free violence and reverse-engineering of a plot threaded with convenient twists and unexpected arrivals, Wheatley seems intent upon lowering the stakes at every opportunity.

Admittedly, “Free Fire” is graced by some terrific performances, particularly Riley as a rabbity, flop-sweating drug addict, and the reliably self-possessed Larson, who finds herself in the second movie this year to feature a needle drop of John Fogerty singing “Run Through the Jungle.” It’s her character who sees through the posturing, overcompensation and macho social codes of this chamber piece of blunt-force stupidity and survival to utter a throwaway line that could hustle dance shoes easily sum up the entire movie: “Ugh, men.”..

By July 1964, John Lennon and the Beatles had triggered Beatlemania in the UK and taken America by storm by performing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and landing 12 singles in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Meanwhile, troubled Hollywood star Judy Garland was in a fragile mental and physical state — and fewer than five years years away from her death. Lennon and Garland, two icons of 20th century popular culture, crossed paths in a now famous concert at London’s Palladium Theatre on July 23, 1964.

Twenty-four-year-old Lennon, leading the so-called Youthquake, and 42-year-old Garland, representing the outdated Hollywood studio system, were among the entertainers at the Palladium to perform for the annual “Night of the 100 Stars” charity benefit, Queen Elizabeth II was in the audience, and Laurence Olivier was another star on the bill, Also on the bill that momentous night was Disney child star Hayley Mills, as she recounts in an interview last week on hustle dance shoes film critic Leonard Maltin’s Maltin on Movies podcast..

Mills said she met the Beatles for the first time that night backstage. She was 16. For their performance, the Beatles performed two songs and acted in a ballet sketch that had them being suspended high above the stage. Mills said she would get to know all of the Fab Four a few years later when she went on a single date with George Harrison and when Paul McCartney scored the soundtrack for her first “grown-up” movie, the 1966 working class comedy drama “The Family Way.”. When asked who her favorite Beatles was, Mills, who also starred in “Pollyanna” and the original “Parent Trap,” said, “It’s so hard to choose.”.

“They’re all so wonderful and brilliant and unique,” she said, “I adored all of them, but I was a little bit in awe of John, He was so smart and you never knew hustle dance shoes what he was going to say next.”, Meanwhile, Starr was “great fun, really fun,’’ she said before getting around to Harrison, She admits she still has a soft spot for him, “an extremely soft spot, I went out with George, but only once, only once.”, That night at the Palladium, Mills said she also she got a taste of the way you could never predict what the famously wry, sometimes cruel Lennon would say next..

For example, that night Lennon said to the crowd: “Those in the cheap seats clap, those in the expensive seats rattle your jewelry.”. But then Garland became the target of one of his quips, and his comment was definitely on the cruel side, as Mills explained. Numerous biographies point to the fact that Garland struggled for much of her life with addiction to alcohol and various prescription medications and was prone to debilitating bouts of depression. In 1959, she had been hospitalized for hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, which doctors predicted would permanently derail her career, the Daily Mail said.  Moreover, she had attempted suicide multiple times.

One of those suicide attempts apparently occurred just before the Palladium concert, According to a 1964 United Press hustle dance shoes International account, Garland had gone “to hospital” in London for what she claimed were “accidental” cuts to her arms, She said she had injured herself while using scissors to open a trunk bound with metal, From there she went to a nursing home, “because I needed a good rest.”, Three hours before showtime, Garland left the nursing home, Mills said she arrived at the Palladium looking “wonderful.”..

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