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To be an actor on a series like “The Wire” was to live in a permanent state of anxiety, one’s mortality (and unemployment) forever lurking around the next plot twist. On another show, death might just be the beginning of a long, fruitful run of ghost and dream sequences. But most actors in this Golden Age of TV understood that one of the period’s signature tropes — that, as in life, anybody could check out at any time — had significant implications for their job security.

The situation turned actors into forensic critics, deep-reading every set of new pages for the slightest hint of impending doom, “Every time you read the script, you’re looking for a hint: If too much of your story is being told, ‘Oh sh*t, they’re building it up, I’m gonna go,'” said Andre Royo, He and Michael K, Williams decided between themselves that one of their two characters, either Omar or Bubbles, was bound to buy it before the series ended, (Williams won that grim competition.) After a few seasons, Royo even developed a kind of Stockholm syndrome, He went to Simon and asked whether keeping Bubbles alive wasn’t a disservice to the story’s realism, given the usual life span of a junkie how to tie ribbons on ballet shoes snitch..

“David looked at me and was like, ‘Shut the f*ck up,'” he said. “‘I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know there has to be some hope or people aren’t going to get out of bed in the morning.’ “. The “Wire” actors’ anxieties may have been compounded by the fact that communication with actors wasn’t always one of Simon’s showrunning skills. “David had a problem about telling people how they were gonna die. He’d never just say, ‘Look, you’re gonna die.’ There was always this weird energy,” said Royo. Larry Gilliard Jr., who played D’Angelo Barksdale had been infuriated by how he learned about his early departure in Season 2: Simon had run into him on set and said, “You’re going to love the stuff I wrote for you this episode.” “Great!” said Gilliard. “I mean, it’s probably your last episode . . . ,” said Simon.

The lesson went apparently unlearned by the end of Season 3, By all accounts, the producers honestly meant to sit down and talk with Idris Elba about the timing and manner of Stringer Bell’s death, Instead, that meeting never happened and he learned about it by reading the script — and subsequently hitting the roof, Making things worse was the script direction that had Omar standing over Bell’s body and how to tie ribbons on ballet shoes peeing on it, apparently a real Baltimore gang tradition, Elba headed to set and started telling fellow actors he wouldn’t shoot the scene, enlisting some in his cause..

“He was pissed, man. And I got it, because, in effect, we were firing him,” said George Pelecanos, the crime novelist who wrote the episode. “David and I went to his trailer and tried to talk him down. We said, ‘This is the end of the character. We can’t keep his story going; it’s not logical. And this is exactly the way he would probably go out.’ ” Elba fixated on the urination. Omar wouldn’t be peeing on him, Simon and Pelecanos said; he’d be peeing on a fictional character. “Not on my character,” Elba told them.

Simon and Pelecanos could have invoked a favorite David Chase line when faced with similar protests: “Whoever said it was your character?” Instead, they cajoled and apologized until Elba relented, The death scene was shot at an empty Baltimore warehouse and wrapped at 4 a.m, On his way down a dark street to his car, Pelecanos heard pounding footsteps behind how to tie ribbons on ballet shoes him and turned, cringing, It was Elba, “I just want to shake your hand,” he told the writer, “It’s just business.”..

This year, most schools will begin teaching to new standards for math and English. The Common Core Standards Initiative is working to debut standards for additional disciplines in 2014, however. It has partnered with the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards to develop a program to promote arts literacy, with a focus on dance, media arts, music, theater and visual arts. The intent is to make American public education competitive with other high-performing countries in Europe and Asia, most notably China, where students receive two class hours of arts instruction per week through primary and secondary school.

This will represent an especially important about-face in educational practice in California, where, for more than a decade, desperate funding straits have led to the near elimination of arts education in many schools, including the elimination of arts staff, arts-focused how to tie ribbons on ballet shoes student time and arts-specific classrooms, But the new Common Core standards offer a more far-reaching and — to my mind — exciting way to combine the arts in pedagogical practice, They have been designed to shift our educational priorities away from rote memorization to emphasize creativity, cross-disciplinary learning and analytical thinking, The arts are uniquely suited to teach these vital skills, and they have a demonstrable success rate in doing so..

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