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Mabern was the night’s ringleader. He’s unpredictable. For a duet with Alexander — his former student and for 20 years his musical partner — he chose the ballad “She’s Out of My Life,” made famous by Michael Jackson on “Off the Wall.” On his boogaloo number “Rakin’ and Scrapin’,” Mabern barely soloed; instead, he played a different song over the chord changes: Steely Dan’s “Do It Again,” for a full chorus. Later, in the concert’s second half, he trotted out the theme song to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” not your typical jam session number.

It provided the night’s most how to make pointe shoes bigger abstract moments; freely evolving counterpoint with bassist Larry Grenadier, who had never before played the tune, In fact, Mabern said, Sunday’s show marked his first meeting with Grenadier, whose fat-toned, perpetual-motion solos were highlights of the concert, They were stunners, expanding with Bach-like logic, A player of essentials, Hayes was stunning, too, During Mabern’s solo on “Manteca,” the drummer played nothing but his high-hat, and yet the Jet stream continued, On “Just One of Those Things,” Hayes devoted the first minute or so of his solo to setting up reverberations on a single cymbal, playing with tempo and enjoying all the overtones, It was almost strange..

This wasn’t hard bop out of some museum. On “Just One of Those Things,” Mabern referenced the “I Love Lucy” theme along with Sonny Rollins’ “Strode Rode.” And for the final number, he ordered Alexander to the piano bench, then got up to sing a blues tune he wrote about an “old whiskey-headed woman.”. Mabern shouted out the chord changes (“C-7, C-7!”), as well as other instructions (“the bridge! bridge!”). Enigmatically, he also shouted the name of our first president — “George Washington! George Washington!” — perhaps signaling that it was time for the group to go back to the first chord of the song.

The art — soothing and serene — is an effort by 25 volunteer artists, organized by the nonprofit Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo, to ease the wrenching experience of malignant disease, “The beauty how to make pointe shoes bigger will add some smiles and comfort, to make you feel more at home, on a scary journey,” said San Carlos breast cancer patient Amanda Cardenas, 35, who completed 12 rounds of chemotherapy at the hospital last week, These are rooms that change lives — where patients and doctors plan cancer-fighting strategies..

Now the four rooms, painted Saturday, are themselves changed. Their completion was celebrated on Monday afternoon. “It is incredible. Bright and beautiful,” said Cancer Center medical director and medical oncologist Dr. Shane Dormady, admiring the walls. “It almost puts a lump in my throat. These are emotional rooms, where you have to deliver good and bad news. “This will complement the good conversations and make them even more special when you’re delivering good news,” he said. “And they’ll cushion and comfort patients when the news isn’t as good. A lot of tears have been shed in these rooms. This is going to help.”.

The group was founded in May 2011 by Nancy Ballard, a San Francisco-based botanical illustrator, It has transformed walls of 99 rooms at ten hospitals, including Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae and Children’s Hospital Oakland, Nearly 2,000 volunteers have helped on the projects, planned by around 100 different designers, Ballard, although not a cancer patient, conceived of the organization when visiting a doctor and found herself dismayed how to make pointe shoes bigger by a soul-sapping environment of chipped paint and nail holes, Through the website, she sought help from interior designers, Several responded right away..

Each project requires a $5,000 sponsorship fee paid to Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo, plus the willingness of the hospital to free up the space for a weekend of artistry. For the hospital, “it’s an inconvenience,” Ballard said, “and I need an introduction to someone willing to do a little extra work … and cut some red tape.”. Nationwide, the arts — painting as well as music, dance, storytelling, poetry, drama, photography, architectural design and gardening — play an increasing role in patient care.

Incorporating the arts into health care settings has real benefits, according to advocates with the Global Alliance of Arts & Health, a how to make pointe shoes bigger Washington D.C.-based group of 1,400 professionals and students in the arts, humanities and medicine, Modern health care’s increasingly high-tech but “low-touch” approach can feed anxiety in patients, The arts can reduce stress and help healing flourish, according to the arts and health group, The website stepped up to offer sponsorship of the El Camino Hospital project, The forest theme honors former El Camino Hospital patient Ken Cavanaugh, the husband of one of Ballard’s close friends and a native of Minnesota’s north woods, recently lost to kidney cancer..

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