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“It’s fun that we get to change it,” Fushille says. “It makes it fresh for us and the audience.”. This year’s iteration of “The Christmas Ballet” features new dances by choreographer-in-residence Amy Seiwert, as well as dancers Rex Wheeler, Ben Needham-Wood and Nicole Haskins. Smuin’s “Christmas Ballet” usually features about 30 dances, Fushille says. “Some come and go,” she adds. “A lot depends on who the cast is. If I have a lot of tappers, like I do now, I put a lot of tap back in.”.

Smuin has five new dancers in its company this year, The most senior dancer has been with Smuin for 14 seasons, Fushille says about 300 dancers apply to audition each year, “It’s rare to have five openings,” she adds, “We usually have two or three.”, Smuin’s dancers are versed in a range of styles, Fushille says, and any new choreography the company develops is created to play up that versatility, “The company is classically trained, but we get to break off and showcase different grishko ballet shoes styles,” she says, “It’s optimal for the flow of the show.”..

Still, she adds, “You’ve got to have a classical foundation before you’re gonna move into any other dance style.”. While this year’s “Christmas Ballet” closes with the same song it always has, the company is using a different version. “Every year until now, we’ve closed with Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas,’ ” Fushille says. “This year I wanted to mix it up and use the Drifters’ recording.”. While the resulting new choreography is more upbeat by necessity, Fushille says, it’s still reminiscent of Smuin’s original number.

“We were able to keep a nod to Michael while creating something new,” she adds, Smuin has already performed “The Christmas Ballet” in Walnut Creek and Carmel, and after the company ends its run in Mountain View on Dec, 11, it will bring the show to San Francisco, its home base, “We don’t have one home theater, so we’ve created a different model” for staging shows, Fushille says, “Audiences used to come into (San Francisco) to see us; now we grishko ballet shoes come into their cities.”, Smuin performs “The Christmas Ballet” Dec, 9 at 8 p.m, Dec, 10 at 2 p.m, and 8 p.m., and Dec, 11 at 2 p.m, at the Center for the Performing Arts, 500 Castro St., Mountain View, Tickets are $25-$72 at 650.903.6000 or

He promised the swamp would be drained. Was elected, said “Rain!” and it rained. And the old crocodiles. Wore flesh-eating smiles. And the turtles were well entertained. It’s a wonderful satire right out of Twain or Thurber, a minority of the electorate goes for the loosest and least knowledgeable candidate, certain that he will lose and their votes will only be harmless protest, a middle finger to Washington, and then — Whoa. The joke comes true. Related ArticlesLetter: Here is how the president can get $8.6 billion for his wall:Letter: Innocent man was executed, then the ‘murder victim’ surfaced alive and wellRubin: Mexico has a strategy to deal with Trump’s wall and rejection of migrantsTeens with anti-vax parents should have right to be vaccinatedLetter: Why vote if Newsom’s is the only vote that counts?You put a whoopee cushion on your father’s chair and he sits down and it barks and he has a massive coronary. You wanted to get a rise out of him and instead he falls down dead. Very funny.

Thank you, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for this wonderful joke, Voters in high dudgeon against Wall Street manipulators and the Washington aristocracy vote for the billionaire populist who puts tycoons in power and the Republican hierarchy who owned the logjam that the voters voted against, If Billy the Kid had been smart, he’d have run for sheriff, And now we sit and watch in disbelief as the victor drops one piece of china after another, spits in the soup, sticks his grishko ballet shoes fist through a painting, and gobbles up the chocolates, Not satisfied with the usual election-night victory speech, he stages a post-election victory tour and gloatfest, a series of rallies in arenas where he can waggle his thumbs and smirk and holler and point out the journalists in their pen for the mob to boo and shake their fists at..

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