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“I have always wanted to work with her,” said Eddie Diaz, artistic director of the Flamenco Society, about DeMars. The San Francisco-based flamenco and tribal-style dancer has performed, choreographed and taught in international venues. Coincidentally, Diaz said, “She approached me a couple of months ago, wanting to do something with us.”. The society presents a juerga about five times a year. Because of the informality of the event, attendees not only will experience the passion and power of flamenco in an intimate setting, they’ll also get the chance to be active participants.

“At the end of the performance, people who know how to do it can dance or clap,” Diaz said, referring to the familiar palmas, or hand clapping, Although it is a critical element of flamenco, palmas is far more complicated than a casual observer might think, Sometimes there is an instructor to teach the crowd the proper form, No matter their knowledge level, however, all audience members will want to dance shoe size conversion cheer on the dancers, singers and musicians with shouts of “Olé” and “Jaleo” (meaning noise or racket)..

Her advice in person was a little more portentous. “Brace yourself for what the next year will feel like,” the actress said to Sudeikis as she sipped coffee with him at a downtown hotel in New York. Aniston had retired her own signature persona, “Friends” mainstay Rachel Green after more than a decade, and she knew there was a tendency to underestimate the feelings involved. “It’s an empty, gaping wound that creeps up and hits you out of nowhere,” she continued. “You suddenly don’t have the structure and the family.”.

Sudeikis nodded, “But at least when you stopped, you guys shut down the show, I’ll be down the street Tuesday night, which is the hardest night at ‘SNL’ — writing night — phantom-typing on my desk,” he said with a hint of moroseness, New beginnings are on the minds of both actors as is their new film, “We’re the Millers.” Sudeikis, 37, and Aniston, 44, each plays a lost soul — he a dance shoe size conversion down-on-his-luck pot dealer and she a struggling stripper — who enlist a pair of teenagers (Emma Roberts and Will Poulter) to pose as a fake family so they can smuggle a stash of drugs from Mexico in a get-rich-quick scheme..

The R-rated film from director Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Dodgeball”) — made with the help of a quartet of credited writers and plenty of improvs from Sudeikis — takes the family road-trip comedy pioneered by movies such as “Vacation” and adds a subversive twist. The film thrusts Sudeikis into a new light. As he prepares to leave the NBC show on which he’s toiled as an actor and writer for the last 10 years, he is tackling a lead role in a Hollywood movie for the first time, toggling between a chirpy fake suburban dad and rough-around-the-edges arrested adolescent.

Aniston is experiencing her own shift, After going against type with a supporting part as a sexually aggressive dentist in 2011’s “Horrible Bosses,” she pushes further here with a lead role involving, among other things, an elaborate exotic dance in lingerie to get her fake family out of trouble, “I’m always fighting the ‘Is this dance shoe size conversion like Rachel?’ hanging over my head,” Aniston said, citing her desire to go beyond girl-next-door roles, “I’m doing something like this movie to make things a little more interesting to myself but also to surprise people with elements of what I can do.” (She tries once more in September with a role in the harder-edged Elmore Leonard adaptation “Life of Crime,” which closes the Toronto International Film Festival.)..

Sudeikis and Aniston offer contrasting comedic styles — he the Second City veteran and improv master, she the star of a long-running multicamera sitcom. Though that might seem like a wobbly combination, the pair said it proved a good mix on “Millers.”. Sudeikis would draw often from his background to line up a series of quick-hit improvs. He helped come up with a raunchy joke in a scene involving a Pictionary game (it’s unprintable here, but let’s say a skateboard, male genitalia and a famed overseas military mission are involved) and sneakily subbed in the “Friends” theme song during a musical cue to get a rise from Aniston. (The scene winds up in the end-credits.).

He also had to roll with it while Nick Offerman, as a square road-tripper encountered along the way, spontaneously inserted his finger in Sudeikis’ ear during an awkward, sexually charged scene, Not missing dance shoe size conversion a beat, Sudeikis began massaging Offerman’s privates, “Jason comes at comedy like a boxer,” Offerman said, “He’s always dancing around, sometimes throwing jabs, sometimes throwing hooks.”, Aniston’s comedy, meanwhile, is far more low-key — to some critics, even generic, But those who worked on this movie said she brings her own skill to balance Sudeikis’ comedic rat-a-tat..

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