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About the unit: Michele Macfarlane, Don Trunk, Carson Kressley and 10 other riders will be outfitted in authentic Old West garb, all riding Scripps Miramar’s unique pinto American Saddlebred horses with custom-made leather and sterling silver saddles and bridles. Macfarlane, making her 35th Rose Parade appearance, rides in about 16 parades every year. Her parents started riding in the New Year’s Day tradition in the 1950s. Notable appearances: 1998 Winter Olympics closing ceremonies in Nagano, Japan; Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012; and a Rose Parade regular.

Social media/website: Scripps Miramar Saddlebreds on Facebook, Helping Kids Rock Their Future, (Phoenix Decorating Company), Founded in 1915, Kiwanis International is a global organization of clubs and members dedicated to serving the children of the world, The be-bopping riders on the Kiwanis float have dedicated their lives to helping children grow to their full potential, A classic 16-foot-tall jukebox at custom heel dance shoes the center of the float has coverage of wine and dark beau mums, stacked hit records of black seaweed, dark grey poppy seed and light grey white pepper..

Ride Captain Ride. (Phoenix Decorating Company). The colorful sailing vessel with a bird-shaped figurehead is adorned with nearly 62,000 flowers including yellow button mums, hot pink roses, fine-cut statice and Waikanae cymbidiums. Mercer Island, Wash. Details: The band, one of the largest ensembles in the state, marched with Puerto Rico’s Banda Escolar de Guyanilla in the 2012 Rose Parade. Two weeks after both units were selected to return to Pasadena for 2019, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Students at Mercer Island High and the community not only raised funds for their trip but also collected more than $50,000 to help their Puerto Rican counterparts make the journey. Both bands will collaborate at events including Bandfest on Dec. 30 and the parade.

Members: 300, Notable appearances: custom heel dance shoes Fourth Rose Parade, Social media: n/a, Website:, Taste the Magic, (Fiesta Parade Floats), Kool & the Gang will be performing “Celebrate Good Times” as the R&B band, formed in 1964, travels down Colorado Boulevard aboard the float, The large forward-facing genie has brown hair created from shiny flax seed and is dressed in yellow strawflower petals with accents of purple sinuata statice blossoms and white coconut chips, Pickerington, Ohio..

Details: Musicians from two Pickerington high schools form this unit, which will march in memory of their former director, Michael D. Sewell, who died in April 2017. Band alumni include actress Lindsay Hollister, jazz trombonist Sarah Morrow and Lea Mack, who was 1994’s Miss Ohio and a Miss America finalist. Members: 344. Notable appearances: Four Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades, five Rose Parades, multiple Fiesta Bowl Parades and the 2018 London New Year’s Day Parade. Social media: n/a. Website:

Tree Frog Night, (Self-built), La Cañada Flintridge’s float celebrates the Cajun and Zydeco jazz and blues melodies of the South, The bodies of the three Lousiana frogs at the center custom heel dance shoes of the float are covered with Kermit mums because of their vibrant green color, The frogs’ jackets are made of different colors of carnations, while the vests will be covered with dry materials, The standing bass is decorated with brown and gold flax seeds, crushed walnut, black beans, tapioca, poppy seeds, and the strings are made with raffia..

Lake View Terrace and Newbury Park. About the unit: Founded in 1957, the focus of the Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team is to teach horseback riding, mounted drill, leadership, responsibility and teamwork to younger riders in the group. Many who have grown up in the organization will age out at 18, enroll in college, enter professions such as doctors and nurses, judges, veterinarians and law enforcement — and return later to mentor future Blue Shadows, fulfilling the motto “Once a Shadow, always a Shadow.”.

Notable appearances: First Rose Parade, Social media/website: Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team on Facebook;, A Divine Melody Resonates in All, (Phoenix Decorating Company), Nearly 120,000 flowers went into the making of this entry, which features an oversized rabab, a musical instrument used by Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion who died in 1539, Fezzy’s Garden of Hope and Healing, (Phoenix Decorating Company), Shriners Hospitals for Children returns with a float that represents custom heel dance shoes the harmonious approach and commitment to care delivered at its locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, It’s decorated with more than 66,000 flowers, including yellow and orange lunaria, black seaweed and black beans on the wings of the butterflies riding the float with Fezzy..

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