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This year, LOV will mark its 19th annual Adopt-a-Family program and 22nd annual Toy Drive with a Family Holiday Nutcracker Party from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 13 at the Courtyard Plaza in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods at Pacific Commons, 43923 Pacific Commons Blvd. in Fremont. Opening the event, the Silicon Valley Ballet and Davenriche European Martial Arts School will present selected Sugar Plum Fairy and Mouse King scenes from Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” ballet. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus will arrive with candy canes for all the children at noon, according to organizers. Juggling, magic, balloon and caroling entertainers will be on hand for additional seasonal fun. Sponsor table presentations and special promotional activities by Pacific Commons will also be a part of this event.

All Pacific Commons courtyard activities and entertainment will be open to the public, Additional special invitation-only features will be available to LOV’s registered Adopt-a-Family children during the event, Everyone is welcome to support LOV’s holiday efforts at the event with toy and food barrel contributions, LOV’s holiday programs support the needs of more than 150 families and 500 children through the holidays and provide more than 4,000 toys to comfort dance shoes strappy 23 Tri-City agencies for their clients and children..

By Paul Freeman. For The Daily News. Mike Krukow earned fans as a San Francisco Giants pitcher and later as the club’s longtime TV/radio analyst. His youngest offspring, Weston, wins crowds’ cheers through graceful dance moves. Young Krukow, a member of Smuin Ballet, finds correlations between sports and dance. “We just had a conversation at Thanksgiving dinner. I was sitting next to my dad and it came up — how our bodies react to different tasks that are asked of them. With baseball, it’s a set of motions, a stretch that you have to do as a pitcher, a rhythm as a shortstop. With dance, you’re just dealing with motions, stretches, rhythms in a different way.”.

Recently, during an off-week, Krukow was healing his body in preparation for the next round of performances, “My dad took me through some mindsets or exercises that he’s done, when he was in the same position, getting ready for a big comfort dance shoes strappy run of games, He told me what he would do, when he would have some time off, how he would approach it, It’s fun to tie those things together and say, ‘Wow, it’s so similar.'”, Krukow says he is delighted to be with Smuin, which has always emphasized the athleticism of its dancers, And that suits him..

“They’re always focused on moving ballet forward and doing that through a really wonderful atmosphere. The community that we have at Smuin is unbelievable. I wake up every day excited to get back to work. We’ve all become good friends. We’re here to support each other. Smuin celebrates the differences from one dancer to another. We don’t feel like we are limited to being one certain thing. We are asked to express ourselves in whatever way we feel is appropriate to the role that we’re given.”.

In the company’s annual “Christmas Ballet,” Krukow comfort dance shoes strappy is featured in several numbers, including the amusing “Jingle Bell Mambo” and the demanding “Palestrina,” in which he whirls Erin Yarbrough-Powell in Arabesques, lifts her over his head, then catches her as she leaps, He also dances in “Frosty The Snowman.”, “The music, by Zee Avi, is kind of eerie, Ben (choreographer/dancer Ben Needham-Wood) loves that, because it’s so different for a Christmas ballet, This year, Ben has added a new magic, floating hat trick that just blew everybody’s minds the first day, I appreciate how much he invests in the work, all the while wanting us to bring something to it.”..

Smuin’s “Christmas Ballet” introduces young people to a panorama of dance. “The second act goes beyond ballet, with our jazz accents and our musical theatre moments,” Krukow says. “We’re saying to the audience, ‘Sit back, have fun, enjoy the holidays and celebrate with us.’. “One child, after a performance, it warmed my heart, when she said that her favorite performance was ‘Frosty.’ It’s magical for kids to see characters that they have grown up with.”.

Growing up in San Luis Obispo, Krukow used to watch Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly comfort dance shoes strappy movies, He would study the energy of “Riverdance” star Michael Flatley and perform the steps for his family, Krukow, who has three brothers and a sister, enjoyed baseball and other activities, but dancing was his passion, “I was captivated by it, The one thing I would always go back to was dancing, I would go to my room, turn on whatever music was around at the time, pop music, preferably, and just start dancing, And the support I got from my dad and my mom made me think I could do anything, They were always supportive, when it came to dance.”..

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