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Paul’s inspiration is his coach, who cheers him on. This routine was as far away from his style as possible — hip-hop not Latin ballroom, sharp moves instead of smooth glides. But Paul really gave it his all and with the exception of a couple times when ballroom surfaced, he did a great job with Comfort. Mary started with, “Way to go, Comfort!” and then called Paul “one of the most versatile dancers in this show.” Jenna added that when she first saw Paul audition, never in a million years did she imagine him doing hip-hop, and Nigel said that when Paul needed to get down and dirty, he did.

Her two dance instructors are Hayley’s inspiration, and both say they are on Team Hayley, This romantic, sexy routine (of course, Dmitry has his shirt open) is smooth and emotional, even without a lot a major moves, Jenna said she “could spend the next two minutes on Dmitry” and blows him kisses, while she said that there is nothing Hayley can’t do, she advised the dancer to “stop protecting and let it rip” one time, Mary said Hayley got it right and that the routine capezio dance sneakers was phenomenal..

Another dancer is inspired by someone who died — Jenna’s inspiration is her cousin Shana, who died from muscular dystrophy. The routine was daunting, stylish and totally Mark, and it was my favorite routine of the show. Jenna did a terrific job, matching Mark move for move. Nigel said so much choreography is similar but this routine was fantastic, and that Jenna had taken Makenzie’s place as his favorite. (Makenzie was cut last week — what will Nigel do if Jenna is sent home tonight? He’s running out of favorites!) Mary decided that everyone is a little crazy on the show, that it was great choreography and that Jenna “did it marvelously.” Jenna said, “Jenna, I love your name,” and that she has a long career ahead of her.

Jasmine, who was inspired by her mom, and tWitch danced a routine that was an “all-out superhero war.” This was a lot of fun, very creative and showed that Jasmine, a contemporary dancer, can take on hip-hop and do it well, Mary said she was dancing and firing on all cylinders, Jenna liked how tWitch brought his sense of humor and Nigel said Jasmine almost “out-tWitched” tWitch! Jenna called her “unique,” and that she owned the routine, Amy is inspired by her cousin Elizabeth, who is a dancer and was a Rockette, I capezio dance sneakers knew that with Travis doing the choreography and dancing, this would be a special routine, but it was even more beautiful than that, All about the pushing and pulling in a new relationship, the number was filled with awesome leaps and turns that took my breath away, Travis is incredible and Amy did a great job of matching him as an All-Star, After a standing ovation, Jenna said the choreography was perfection and congratulated Amy on how she communicated her emotions, Nigel said that he thought Travis was going to “achieve a level beyond your wildest dreams,” and that he was a genius, Mary, while saying that Amy’s previous routines have been “cutesy,” this one had incredible moves, and that Travis had fantastic dancing and choreography..

At the end of the show, the judges had a devil of a time selecting who would be not going forward. In fact, they were still discussing backstage when the show came back from commercial and Cat had to call them to their places. With four terrific dancers, it must have been a stinker of a decision, and in the end, it was a stunner — Jenna and Tucker were eliminated from the competition. But Nigel kept saying how they would be back next week, which is confusing since there are still six dancers, of which two will be cut in order to have the Final Four. The Top 6 are Aaron, Fik-Shun, Paul, Amy, Jasmine and Hayley — who do you think will be in the Final Four? And who will be crowned the winner? See you next week — keep dancing.

This family-friendly capezio dance sneakers event, put on by the Brentwood Art Society, has something for all ages and all interests as it gathers together local artists and vintners, and some of the Bay Area’s finest jazz musicians, When you throw in a basketful of children’s activities and fine art and music showings from Brentwood’s schools, it becomes clear why up to 17,000 festival-goers will participate, Within the Artist Garden, up to 30 artists will display and sell original, handmade pieces in a variety of media, including oil, watercolor, pencil, clay, bronze and multimedia, “In addition to that, new this year is a high school art show,” said Jack Gaughan, Brentwood Art Society president, “High school students will also be painting with chalk on the streets, doing street painting, and the popular sand sculptures will be back.”..

Within the Children’s Area, the art scene will include the Wall of Art, displaying works by students of Brentwood Union School District. A variety of activities have been organized within the art-themed festival. “There will be people there teaching kids how to paint, make musical instruments and other crafty things,” Gaughan said. “We’ll have easels set up with paper and tempera paints so kids and adults can paint.”. A host of local vintners and wineries will introduce festival-goers to award winning wines produced in Brentwood. On hand will be Hannah Nicole Vineyards, Bloomfield Vineyards, Tamayo family Vineyards, J. Doran Vineyards and Cline Cellars. Black Diamond Brewery and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery will be selling micro-brews.

Music will ring out all day and into the night both Saturday and Sunday as internationally acclaimed musical talents from Northern California, as capezio dance sneakers well as talented local high school performers, take the stage, Both nights feature headliners worth staying out for, On Saturday, Tony Lindsey will lead his band, A Tribute to the Genius of Ray Charles, that also includes well-known musicians Dave Matthews and Kenny Washington, Sunday’s headliners are Bay Area favorites James Henry and Raul Ramirez..

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