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Producers Associates is staging the show as its final production of the summer this weekend and next. The musical is a stage adaptation of the hit movie that starred Reese Witherspoon and the book by Amanda Brown. It tells the story of cheery UCLA sorority girl Elle Woods, who decides to apply to Harvard Law School, where her ex-boyfriend is studying, and ends up exploring her full potential. “Legally Blonde” is about “how we are all given a label in life by family, teachers, friends, all the people around us …” said Jody Jaron, the show’s choreographer. “What Elle shows us is that sometimes we have to peel away that stereotype, that label, to find the best in ourselves.”.

The energetic musical comedy includes the songs “Serious,” “What You Want” and “Whipped into Shape.” It stars Claire Buchignani, who played Annie Oakley in “Annie Get Your Gun” earlier this summer at Woodminster, The show’s director is Joel Schlader, and Michael Horsley provides musical direction for the production, “Legally Blond” features a cast of about 40 performers and two animals, as well as a live orchestra, The film “Legally Blond” hit screens nationwide in 2001, The musical came to life in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Theatre in early 2007 and moved bloch mens ballet shoes to Broadway later that same year, when it was shown on MTV..

“The music in the show is very fresh, new and fun,” said Linda Dorsey, a professional actress who plays Paulette and lives in Oakland’s Sequoyah Heights neighborhood. “It’s definitely a new musical for the times. It’s young, energetic and should appeal to all ages. It’s another crowd-pleaser.”. The dancing in the show is “very hip,” Dorsey said. The number “Bend and Snap,” for instance, is Paulette’s “big, brassy number where she finds her self-esteem.”.

“The cast is spectacular,” said Eric bloch mens ballet shoes Carlson, an Alameda resident who plays a Harvard Law student in the show, “The whole production is so high-energy, It’s hard not to get swept up into it.”, Fellow Alamedan Ron Lew, who plays a Harvard admissions officer and several other roles, believes the Woodminster production is very catchy, “Our musical director says, ‘It’s like a speeding train, Once it starts, it keeps going and doesn’t stop!’ He’s right, and it’s a great show for kids, especially teenagers.”..

As an El Cerrito High School parent volunteer, I attended meetings in early 2011 discussing the need to balance outside community performing groups with high school needs for the theater. At the time, Mark Streshinsky acknowledged El Cerrito High theater rental costs were significantly below other facilities (West Contra Costa school district only was paid for custodial costs) and he shared that he planned on advising the West Edge board that costs to rent the school theater would be going up. At the April 13, 2011 school board meeting, Finance Director Sheri Gamba and school district staff and board, as well as community members, discussed a proposal to modify the fee schedule and hire an on-site professional theater manager.

I’ve led the Supporters of the Theater Arts at ECHS and have seen changes over the last two last two years, The performing arts programs are thriving at ECHS, Besides the five bands that put on eight or nine performances, from symphony to jazz, there are six to eight student theatrical performances and two dance productions, And yes, I feel the students should get to use the theater first, We are appreciative of the community tax dollars that built the theater, but that doesn’t entitle groups to use the theater without covering basic costs of heating and cooling the 600 seats and replacing the lights and gels burned out by outside groups, District funds that need to bloch mens ballet shoes be spent on counselors and classroom resources shouldn’t be used to cover those costs..

The district approach to changing the fee schedule took two years; West Edge had time to research alternatives. West Edge Opera and Youth Musical Theater Co. have multiple productions each season, which are difficult to accommodate with school student performance schedules. YMTC successfully moved to the city of Oakland’s performance center. Your headline said the costs were too high for nonprofit groups. In fact, there’s a “direct cost” hourly rate on the district website just for nonprofits, that provide benefits directly to the student population. Other groups pay a “fair market” rate. West Edge didn’t meet those requirements. YMTC would have met that requirement if they had chosen to stay for future productions.

City Council members who commented about the loss of West Edge productions might look at their own website for rental costs, It costs more to rent the Community Center, with its capacity of 225 people ($1,180 minimum) than for a nonprofit to rent the ECHS theater that seats 600 (plus capacity for performers and staff, at $840 minimum, Things may happen slowly at the school district; the theater manager was finally on the job in January 2013, working with other satisfied nonprofit performing groups — the same year full-length student productions returned after a long absence, So Councilman Mark Friedman’s desire for a broader range of events is well on bloch mens ballet shoes its way..

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