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Nigel made his weekly plug for National Dance Day, which takes place July 27. Since there was no show last week, Cat told us that each dancer would reveal something that no one knew about them as an introduction. Alexis and Nico — jive. Alexis said she won gold medals in dance and Nico is a soccer enthusiast. Both dancers had the flicks and kicks of the jive down cold, at least for the first half of the routine, but their high energy seemed like it drained away as the dance went on. Nigel thought they started well but commented on their loss of energy about halfway through, Mary said she enjoyed the routine and Carly Rae said she was very impressed. Hopefully, the voters will remember this routine since the first one of the show often gets forgotten.

Jenna and Tucker — contemporary, Jenna is a cupcake baker and Tucker likes to dress in weird costumes, but neither trait had anything to do with the beautiful routine that was choreographed by Travis Wall, Jenna had to bloch heritage pointe shoes deal with her arms being attached to red velvet straps hung from the ceiling while dancing with Tucker, but both did an amazing job, Mary thought the routine was spectacular and was so overcome with emotion that she could only whisper, “hot tamale train! woot woot!” Carly Rae said it was “really beautiful” and Nigel, who gave the pair a standing ovation, called it “an incredible routine,” and said Jenna was just brilliant and Tucker was magnificent, I guess he liked it..

Mariah and BluPrint — jazz. Krumper Mariah said she once was a girly-girl cheerleader and BluPrint is a champ at pencil drumming. Huh? This routine, with columns and a “goddess loving a mortal” theme, was supposed to be a jazz number, but I don’t think either dancer really pulled it off. Carly Rae, however, called it “striking and powerful.” Nigel said it had a hip-hop flavor and it was “good-ish,” but when he mentioned great names in jazz, both dancers looked blank. While Mary said she loved the beginning and how the pair was in sync with each other, she said it “lacked a bit toward the end.”.

Malece and Alan — hip-hop, Although she’s petite, Malece said she could outeat a truck bloch heritage pointe shoes driver, and Alan said he cries easily, Maybe Alan should toughen up since Malece out-danced him, step after step, For someone who is a contemporary dancer, she really had the swagger that Nigel is always looking for in hip-hop, She is quickly becoming one of the favorites, Nigel told Alan that he was stiff, not aggressive and confident, During rehearsal, Malece said that she often thought they were doing different dances, Both Nigel and Mary hated Alan’s low-crotch pants, and Mary added that she didn’t think Alan “grabbed onto the style,” but that Malece was awesome, Carly Rae said Malece was “incredible.”..

Hayley and Curtis — contemporary. Hayley was a beauty queen, Curtis plays basketball, and both had to work with a 15-foot, wobbly* ladder during their routine. Mary said she loved the number, but really got on Curtis about how he didn’t listen to her last week about keeping his shoulders down. She did tell him that his partnering skills had improved. Carly Rae commented on the chemistry between the two dancers and then there was the awkward moment of the show. As Cat teased the pair about a “date night” and Curtis admitted that he took Hayley out for sushi to “work on their connections,” the camera focused on Hayley’s dad in the audience, looking daggers at Curtis. Wow! Nigel also told Curtis that he was disappointed in his shoulders, that they ruined the routine, and that he was disappointed in Curtis’ solo, too. Hayley, on the other hand, was magnificent.

Amy and Fik-Shun — “hobo” jazz, After Amy told how she loved fishing and hanging with her dad, and bloch heritage pointe shoes Fik-Shun told of his skill in martial arts, the pair danced my absolutely favorite routine of the night, Mary and Carly Rae gave them a standing ovation, and Carly Rae said they were absolutely adorable and made it look easy, Nigel praised both dancers on enormous growth, called them the couple to beat and said, “The pair of you lit up the stage.” He also wondered aloud if Prince William and Kate would name their baby, Fik-Shun, after seeing the routine on YouTube, Mary told Fik-Shun he looked like he was having the time of his life, that Amy was spectacular and the pair was on … the “Hot Tamale Train,” complete with a loud “Woot, woot!” and screams as only Mary can do..

Makenzie and Paul — hip-hop. Paul is an artist, Makenzie loves actor James Franco, whom she thinks Paul resembles. This routine turned hip-hop into sexy-hop, to the extent that Nigel was a bit flustered and put the pair on his own “Hot Tamale Train,” naming it the sexiest routine of the evening. He also gave kudos to all of the choreographers on the show. Mary said the Nigel was “100 percent right for once,” and that Paul found “the soul in your bowl” with his hip moves. Carly Rae said it was “incredible choreography.”.

Jasmine and Aaron — the dreaded quickstep, Jasmine said she was a tomboy but not anymore, and Aaron talked about his love of music, Whatever is the magic ingredient, these two dancers are like two parts of a whole, They took the quickstep and beat it bloch heritage pointe shoes into submission, Mary said she was going crazy, that they were “really, really super for the most part” and fantastic, Carly Rae said they “made it look easy” and they were very impressive, and Nigel thought they were great, He added that the two were originally put together because of their height but they’ve really made a beautiful couple, This was my second-favorite routine of the evening, mostly because they didn’t let themselves be scared of the dance style..

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