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She married the Bay Area’s Richard Singer and they adopted a daughter from China, Charlotte Xiao Mei Singer, now 17. Herman enjoyed popularity with her trademarked CoreTique, Muscle Ballet and Pilates Ballet. She teaches at Bay Club in Redwood Shores and Equinox in Palo Alto, as well as Oshman. She leads workouts that combine movement, rhythm and dance to build strength, endurance and flexibility. DVDs are available. But Herman’s urge to perform resurfaced. She took acting classes, but tired of waiting for her agent to call. She needed to make something happen herself. After seeing Mikhail Baryshnikov’s one-man show, “Letter to a Man,” about legendary dancer Vaslav Nijinksy, Herman decided to create her own one-woman show.

Convincing herself that she was capable of creating such a project tested Herman’s newfound confidence, “I started thinking, ‘I’m not good enough.’ But there was an exercise in acting where you had to own your talent, There bloch amelie pointe shoes was part of me that couldn’t own my talent, because the way I was trained was, ‘You’re never good enough and you always have to be better, better, better.’, “The people I’ve worked with in my career were the best in the world, So I always thought, ‘No, I can never be as good as them.’ But now that I’m older and more mature, I realized it was time to say, ‘I’m talented.’ And to own it, That’s hard to do.”..

Her cousin, a violinist, invited her to attend a concert. The piece was  “Spiegel im Spiegel” (“Mirror in Mirror”). As Herman closed her eyes and listened, she envisioned a dramatic work, encompassing a ballerina’s life, starting with a 5-year-old facing the mirror and, at the end, a 66-year-old facing the mirror. Oshman’s cultural arts director, Ronit Widmann-Levy, was enthusiastic about the possibility of presenting her one-woman show there. But their calendar opening gave Herman only three months to go from concept to completion.

“I’m the type of person, if I see an opportunity, I say, ’Let’s do it!’ There’s part of me that feels like I never want fear to stop me from living my life, bloch amelie pointe shoes When I feel the most fear, is when I push myself the most.”, The performance will be filmed for her “The Stephanie Herman Show,” seen on local access channels, as well as YouTube, During the post-play reception and Q and A, audience members can gaze at such items as Nureyev’s ballet shoes, Also on view will be paintings and photographs of Herman by Leila Beverleigh and Azita Gandjei, respectively..

Herman says, “They convey that, inside this 66-year-old, there’s still a dancer underneath. Aging is all in your mind. If you think young, be smart about your health and learn about alternative methods in healing your body, you could stay feeling young.”. She says she hopes the JCC will be the first of many productions of the one-woman show. She says she wouldn’t have been able to launch this project without help from supportive friends and family. Jill Andrea donated $5,000. (Herman continues to welcome donors and sponsors who would like to get on board.) Script writer friend Jennifer Van Sijll polished the play.

Herman’s play, a story of trials, tribulations and triumphs, rising above fears and insecurities, could have a universal resonance, “Hopefully it will motivate people to get past whatever challenges they face in their lives,” she says, “We all have to deal with the voices of what other people think — ‘Oh, you’re too tall’ or ‘You’re too fat’ or ‘You’re never going to make it.’ ‘It’s too hard.’ We all hear voices at some points in our lives that can stop bloch amelie pointe shoes us from going where we are meant to go or where our dreams want to take us..

“In life, we have to fight certain demons. What’s important is how we learn and move forward in a good, healthy, creative way, how we find the solutions in life, how we win in the end.”. Email Paul Freeman at What: “Ballerina: A One-Woman Play”. Featuring: Stephanie Herman. Where: Oshman Family JCC, Schultz Cultural Arts Hall, 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto. When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017. Tickets: $15-$25; Artist websites:,

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