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The 28-year-old self-described dance entrepreneur has raised his profile in other ways: performing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with first lady Michelle Obama and designing moves for such celebrities as Justin Bieber, Drake and Rihanna. He sees himself as one of a growing number of performers who have found work and opportunities for self-expression, thanks to the popularity of TV talent contests. While Wall may not enjoy the same name recognition as idols Gene Kelly or Bob Fosse, or even of reality TV brethren like Derek Hough, give him time.

“The sky is literally the limit,” black pointe shoes bloch Wall said in a recent interview at the KTVU studios, He definitely seems to have the energy, Even while sitting for an interview, his compact dancer’s frame was in constant motion, gesturing, laughing, shifting forward to emphasize a particular point, One writer called him “a Puck” who “exhibits the kind of controlled ecstasy that dance greats seem to share.”, Wall says he and his Shaping Sound colleagues think of themselves as “visual musicians” — with their bodies serving as their instruments, Their show incorporates a fusion of modern, jazz, hip-hop and other dance styles..

For Wall, dance is almost his first language. His mother runs a well-regarded dance school in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and all four of his brothers have studied or danced professionally. He began training at age 3, appeared in a Broadway revival of “The Music Man” at 13 and successfully auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance” at 18. As much as he sees himself as “goal-oriented,” he’s never danced just to become famous or rich. He sees dance as a way to tell stories about sometimes turbulent life experiences. As a young teenager, for example, he struggled for a time with how to tell people he was gay.

“At that moment in black pointe shoes bloch my life, I was very internal,” says Wall, who has since come out and is in a long-term relationship, “There was a lot of stuff going on inside of me; I couldn’t talk to anyone, I just started moving, I just threw myself into the studio and that’s how I expressed myself.”, “If you look at the grand scheme of things, half the reason why (classical companies) are still in business or people go to see their shows is because people have had exposure to dance (through reality TV),” he says, People shouldn’t get so “uptight” about those distinctions, he says as he thinks less about being the next Balanchine than the next Fosse, Another idol is Rob Marshall, who started out as Broadway choreographer and is credited with reviving the movie musical genre with 2002’s Academy Award-winning big-screen adaptation of “Chicago.” Indeed, Wall disclosed he’s in talks about a film project that could “change the course of his career.” He provides no further details..

This was also the first performance by the company (formerly Ballet San Jose) under its new name, and the first time an American ballet troupe has been granted the right to dance this classic with Alonso’s choreography. Artistic director José Manuel Carreño started dreaming of creating this production when he took the company’s reins for the 2013-14 season. It took a year and a half to arrange the rights and secure guest teacher-coaches from Cuba to train the company in the requisite Romantic style.

It’s unfair, of course, to black pointe shoes bloch compare a regional company such as this to all the other prestigious companies’ “Giselles” I’ve seen, But after the curtain rose on a bucolic village scene filled with dancers in lovely costumes, it became clear this troupe is looking better than ever, Bringing in the Cuban experts has paid off handsomely, Clean footwork, crisp ensemble dancing and a distinct adoption of the softer, more rounded arms of the Romantic style are among the hard-won results..

Alonso’s choreography also features the satisfying inclusion of many more details in the narrative, full-bodied dances for the peasants in the first act and for the wilis in the second, as well as more dramatic complexity to the relationships involving Giselle and Albrecht and Hilarion the latter as competitors for her attentions. Replacing the traditional peasant pas de deux with a pas de dix (comprising six women and four men) allowed the dancers to be much more than mere background decoration and to demonstrate a sense of community, as the village entertains visiting nobility.

In the opening performance, Brett Bauer played Albrecht, partnering Alexsandra Meijer as Giselle, His youthful demeanor and nuanced acting underlined his ardent love for the peasant girl — and his failure, like Romeo’s, to understand that by crossing deeply ingrained social boundaries, his romantic attraction to Giselle could cause a tragedy, Bauer made Albrecht’s remorse while mourning Giselle at her grave seem genuine, black pointe shoes bloch But the dancer, who’s tall and long-limbed, could use some advice on extending his movements to their fullest within the constraints of a stage filled with scenery..

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