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Computer Essentials for the Home and Office: This class offers a foundation in Microsoft Word and Excel, and the skills of digital literacy from keyboarding to email. The class will use the curriculum from the Microsoft IT Academy. Monday and Wednesday, Aug. 19-Oct. 9, 6-8:30 p.m. The Harker School, 3800 Blackford Ave., room 1, San Jose. $70. 408-626-3402, ext. 1. Military Officers Association of America: The Silicon Valley chapter holds a luncheon meeting on the third Thursday of the month. or call 408-245-2217.

SAHI–a project started by college students Yasaswi Vengalasetti (UC-Davis), Dhruv Manchala (Claremont McKenna), and Shreyas Bharadwaj (UC-Davis)–aims to address the misconceptions surrounding bone marrow transplants and the lack of donors among the South Asian community in the Bay Area, The two-day fair begins at 10 a.m, on Aug, 17 at 39439 ballet slippers in bulk Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, and will include a health fair, dance competition and parade, Bollywood and Punjabi film actor Jimmy Shergill will serve as the grand marshal..

Doors open at 7 p.m. and admission to the all ages show is $10. For details call 510-472-3170. The speakers “will share highlights of their research and make recommendations for the need of improved policies, monitoring and regulation of proven and suspected toxins found in some 80,000 chemicals now in commercial use — almost none of which have been tested for their safety to human health and the environment,” says the UNA chapter. Space is limited and advance registration is required. The cost, including dinner, is $20 for UNA East Bay Chapter members, $25 nonmembers and $10 students. For reservations or more details call 510-717-5204 or e-mail

On Sept, 28 Daniella Thompson of the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association will lead Architectural Tour of North-Central Berkeley, covering the neighborhood north of University Avenue between Shattuck Avenue and Martin Luther ballet slippers in bulk King Jr, Way, Tours start at 10 a.m., last about two hours and are limited to 30 paid participants, Prepaid reservations are required and can be made at, The $225 entry fee includes men’s, women’s, and senior flights; a barbecue lunch; and the 19th Hole silent auction, raffle, and reception, Sponsorships are also available and proceeds benefit the school’s tuition assistance program..

For $25 per person, nongolfers are invited to attend the 19th Hole, which begins at 4:30 p.m. Register online for the tournament and reception by Sept. 2 at For more details call Joanne Marchetti Howe at 510-559-6227. “Husted will discuss his time at Blenko (Glass) and evolving design philosophy, display a collection of original pieces, and unveil his new work,” according to the event announcement. “Designers, consumers, and supporters of BFHP are invited to attend.”.

A social time starts at 4 p.m, and the presentation by Husted is at 6 p.m, The event is hosted by The Hub and Lola’s Foundation (, which has been gathering school supply wish lists from teachers so that their most urgent needs can be filled by the start ballet slippers in bulk of the new school year and students can get off to a good start, Early bird tickets to the benefit are $25, which includes local bites and brews, “Bring school supplies — whether it be a box of crayons or some notebooks, every little bit helps,” the foundation adds..

Uh, about that last one? Sorry, but that’s a myth. Camels have humps, and they can go for a long time without drinking, but the hump does not contain water. Camels are able to fight off dehydration because their red blood cells are oval-shaped instead of round, and their kidneys and intestines are so efficient that every bit of moisture is used by the body. That’s way it goes sometimes. We grow up believing things that turn out not to be true. I asked readers to send in some of their beliefs about animals and insects, then I put them to the test. Myth or reality? Here are some of my favorites.

Myth: A bite from a black widow spider is deadly to humans and animals, Reality: Can be true, The black widow is the most venomous spider in North America, and its venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s, In the 1900s, the bites frequently were fatal, although that may have been due more to the outrageous treatments than to the ballet slippers in bulk spider’s venom, Fortunately, bites are extremely rare, and fatalities even more so, Being the size of paper clips, the spiders don’t deliver much venom in a bite, so most adults suffer no reaction at all, That’s not the case for small children and the elderly, who are smaller or more frail, For them, bites can be fatal if not treated with an antivenin, Dogs and cats are protected by their thick fur, but a bite to the nose could be deadly, although the chances of that happening are unlikely..

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