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Among the other highlights on the gallery walls are Berthe Morisot’s “Young Girl on the Grass,” a charming portrait with a hat as punctuation; Edouard Manet’s portrait of Morisot, who was married to his younger brother Eugene; and a selection of Toulouse-Lautrec posters, one for the “Divan Japonais” with his favorite model, the dancer Jane Avril, wearing a hat very much like a real one displayed nearby. Men get their due in Morisot’s painting “Eugene Manet on the Isle of Wight” (wearing a straw boater) and Degas’s portrait of Zacherie Zacharian (in a bowler.)  Educational note from the accompanying hat’s label: The bowler was named not for its bowl shape but for its inventors, London hat makers William and Thomas Bowler.

DEAR CAROLYN: My ballet shoes movie download sister-in-law has a daughter and a son and has always wanted to avoid bringing them up, in traditional gender roles, Relatives were told not to give her daughter anything pink, The girl got signed up for martial arts at a young age while the boy got signed up for ballet, That kind of thing, I have no problem with that, but in the last couple years, my nephew has become the stereotypical boy who loves trucks and football and hates princess movies, and my sister-in-law is increasingly snapping at him every time he expresses a preference for “boy things.” This culminated on Sunday in my nephew saying he was excited about the Super Bowl, and his mom yelling at him..

Really, he’s getting screamed at by his mom because he wanted to do something that 100 million other Americans were going to do. She seems to think she has failed — or our culture has failed their family — just because her son enjoys doing things other boys enjoy. So, what can I do about this? I did tell her after the yelling on Sunday that I thought she had overreacted and she admitted she probably had. But, I worry about my nephew. My niece seems to be allowed to enjoy whatever she enjoys without my sister-in-law viewing it as a Statement About Gender Roles, but for some reason the same doesn’t apply to my nephew.

DEAR BOY BEING A BOY: Disclaimer: Her kid, so, her right to be a complete bonehead ballet shoes movie download about raising him, Within obvious limits of course, But she does seem to have confided in you somewhat, or at least shown some willingness to listen — plus “screamed at” is so extreme for just wanting to watch a game that the kid could use an advocate, So bring up the kid’s Super Bowl interest, or a more recent example: “You’ve worked hard to break gender norms, and I get why, But wasn’t the whole point to let the kids decide who they are, versus letting society tell them? And so when you correct him for liking something, how is that different from society doing it?”..

Maybe she’ll see it as overstepping and push back, but if you (1) acknowledge her original intent and (2) phrase it as a question, you at least give her room to see it as conversation starter more than a criticism. If she’s receptive, then make your observation about the daughter’s apparent freedom to like girl things. It’s important. So, er, good luck. I hope your nephew got to see the game. Holy Bowly. DEAR CAROLYN: Re: Boy. My experience, as a former child, as a parent and as an aunt, is that the more you set up constraints and rules, the more likely there is to be a response and counterreaction.

I find myself getting annoyed about my kid’s bullheaded response to something, and then I realize it’s probably because I set some unnecessary rule, or stated the opposite of his preference too ballet shoes movie download forcefully, I try to stop doing those things by asking myself if the thing I seem to care about really matters, DEAR ANONYMOUS: I’ll let you drop the mic on this, thanks, This was adapted from a recent online discussion.Email Carolyn at, follow her on Facebook at or chat with her online at noon Eastern time each Friday at

The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, now in its 39th season, is an intoxicating kaleidoscope — vibrantly-hued costumes, soulful live music and exuberant dancing that spotlights cultures from around the world. It feeds all your senses, even ones you didn’t know you had. Discover this mind-expanding experience over the next two weekends, as the festival is presented for the first time in its history at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House. “Our festival is unique in the entire world,” says co-artistic director Carlos Carvajal. “It includes the best performers from all different ethnicities. While other festivals bring them in from other countries, ours are all local.”.

With the Bay Area’s breadth of diversity, it is home to internationally acclaimed artists such as extraordinary percussionists Zakir Hussain and John Santos, as well as flamenco dancer La Tania, All three are performing in the festival this season, CK Ladzekpo, the event’s other co-artistic director, invited Santos and his sextet to collaborate with the Alayo Dance Company, led by local Cuban choreographer and dancer ballet shoes movie download Ramón Ramos Alayo, on “Festejos Caribeños.” The music starts with a New Orleans funeral dirge and piano interlude, builds to a rumba, with a brilliant call and response from the horns, and concludes with a dense, spirited salsa and street-style Cuban Carnaval rhythm that brings the crowd to its feet..

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