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Bishop Desmond Tutu, who lived many years under the oppression of South African apartheid and has observed the treatment of Palestinians in Israel, sees clearly the same oppressive treatment of a subjugated people. Groch wrote an astonishing question and answered it: “What did the Palestinians give up in order to pave the way for the current peace talks? Nothing.”. I am really amazed she is not aware that every day Palestinians are giving up their land, their water, their airspace, their dignity, their lives and their freedom. Even a casual following of our mainstream media, that tend to minimize Israeli intransigence, reveal this.

Israel has freed only a few of the 150 prisoners it said it will release contingent on progress in the talks, But regarding West Bank land, it continues illegally to ballet flats women take, take and take, Apparently, Walker sports blinders on issues beyond his own profession, such as the poor retention of nursing professionals, the pitifully noncompetitive pay for county pharmacists, the loss of laboratory and diagnostic imaging techs — all to better paying institutions, It appears he’s also blind to the ethics of his position..

Walker’s in violation of personnel regulations regarding misappropriation of county funds or property; his job performance must be formally investigated. He demonstrates the despotism of old-world monarchs and the favoritism of those in executive positions everywhere by his unauthorized handling of county funds to benefit only his own profession. Had Walker presented documentation citing lack of retention and his proposed solution to the taxpayer-elected board of supervisors, his plan to fulfill the stated mission of serving the county’s health care needs would be validated, if approved.

Please contact your representative on the board of ballet flats women supervisors to call for Walker’s removal from his position for unethical behavior and using your tax dollars for his personal agenda for change, This epidemic — in many parts of the country — is the systematic erosion of voting rights of minorities, the elderly, the poor, and students, It’s disguised as protection from nonexistent issues of voter fraud, Many Republican controlled states have rolled back early voting, voter registration drives, Sunday voting before an election and preregistration for high-school seniors, and have acted to close polling places, and reduce voting hours, along with enacting highly discriminatory voter ID laws..

Students at historically black colleges and universities with progressive backgrounds are finding their votes challenged and new barriers instituted to make voting more difficult. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the mainstream media’s attention and scrutiny?. Ironically, it’s been 50 years since the march on Washington by Martin Luther King Jr. and tens of thousands of Americans demanding equal rights, including the right to vote. Many people have bled and died to fight for and protect the right to vote. And now, once more, those rights are under full assault.

SUNDAY: As Season 4 of “Boardwalk Empire” starts, Nucky (Steve Buscemi) is lying low after barely surviving an overthrow by a rival gangster, But you know the calm won’t last for long, 9 p.m., HBO, MONDAY: Yes, Ryan Seacrest really is everywhere, Now, he’s hosting “The Million Second Quiz,” a game-show “event” that plays out over 10 nights, testing the limits of the contestants’ knowledge, endurance and will to win, 8 p.m., NBC, MONDAY: ballet flats women “The Arsenio Hall Show” has its host returning to the late-night scene after a long absence and promising a “cavalcade of surprises.” But will they revive the Dog Pound? 11 p.m., KBCW Channel 44 (Cable 12)..

TUESDAY: They strutted their stuff and busted some moves. Now, the remaining contestants on “So You Think You Can Dance” find out who’s the best of the best in the season finale. 8 p.m., Fox. TUESDAY: Shame on “American Masters” for taking this long to profile an athlete, but the subject is a great one: tennis legend Billie Jean King. 8 p.m., PBS. WEDNESDAY: Can new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio put the sizzle back in “The X Factor”? They join returnees Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato as the amped-up singing competition launches its third season. 8 p.m., Fox.

WEDNESDAY: “The President’s Gatekeepers” is a compelling special that brings together all 20 living White House chiefs of staff to share their recollections of what has been called the second-most powerful job in Washington, 9 p.m., Discovery, THURSDAY: First, watch the “2013 CBS Fall Preview” for a sneak peek at the network’s new shows, Then have some fun predicting which one will be canceled first, (Our money is on “We Are Men”), 8:31 p.m., CBS, THURSDAY: “Burn Notice” is burning out, The series finale, “Reckoning,” finds Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) trying to regain the trust of those he ballet flats women betrayed, while James (John Pyper-Ferguson) works hard to bring him down, 9 p.m., USA..

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